Side Entrances

Side Entrances

Secured side entrances make practical use of a space often overlooked, add value to the home and remove many common frustrations families face today e.g storage of bikes, gear, helmets etc. With a secured side entrance, you immediately add two key security features to your property 1) your property e.g., bikes have a secure place to be put and 2) access to the backyard for intruders becomes much more difficult. Clients are using this new structure in many ways included all year drying space, shed, hideaways and smoking areas – it’s your choice! Your side entrance can become fully enclosed or not with as much security as you wish to deploy. We’ll take you through all your options and built a functioning structure to meet your needs.

  • Fully Customised Configuration
  • Increases Storage Space
  • Transforms an Unusable Space e.g. Under Stairs
  • Added Security
  • Adjusted to Meet Available Space
  • Built in Shelving as You See Fit
  • Built Without Interruption
  • Immediately Increases Value of Your Home

Typical Onsite Completion Time 1 day

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The 3 Hidden Benefits Homeowners Overlook When Considering a Secured Side Entrance