Raised Kids Beds

Raised Kids Beds

Raised Kids Beds are a dynamic way to maximise space within your child’s bedroom or that box room. Our bespoke solutions are designed to eliminate everyday frustrations such as toys, clothes scattered around the floor, hiding unsightly stairs slopes and lack of storage. Our solutions can be tailor made to fit around any mattress size, have been proven to more than double storage space available and can be personalised so that your child can not only organise themselves better but sees the new bespoke space as fun.

  • Fully Customised Configuration
  • Double Storage Space
  • Super Fun For Kids!
  • Hides Stairs Slope
  • Built In Step Storage
  • Customised Drawers and Personalisation Available
  • Choose Spray-painting for the complete finish
  • Ecstatic Children!

Typical Onsite Completion Time 1-3 days

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