About Us

About Concept Living

At Concept Living Carpentry Ltd. our aim is for our clients to have an exceptional experience with us from your initial contact to our post-job followup.

We know that small things matter and that even the smallest carpentry detail on any job can make a huge difference. So with us you get a family run business built on TRUST from the outset, trust that we will answer your calls, trust that we will arrive when we say we will, trust that we will be contactable before, during and after your project and trust that our aim is to make your home and your life better.

Committment To Respond

We aim to respond to any inquiry within 1 business day and to provide you with what you require to make your decision

Committment To Quality

Before leaving any job we will complete a full review with our clients and so guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Committment To You

We will follow up on every project after 7 days to confirm that everything remains as it should be, because you just never know 😉

What our clients says