Wondering how to add a lot of class to that garden? Look no further than our pergola range to spice up that outdoor area. Our pergolas are made from pressure treated wood and we take care to retreat all cut ends when we’re building to increase longevity. Don’t confuse a pergola with a Gazebo though ;-), a pergola will not have a completely sheltered roof or guttering – check out our Gazebo range here for this. The right planting of shrubs around a Pergola will increase privacy and add to the structure. Of course, we can add privacy screen also if you prefer.

Pergolas can be built to suit your space however it is important to build correctly to avoid issues down the road. Here’s a couple of things to consider which come standard with all our designs; 1) we always concrete our main support posts into the ground making sure so that the concrete surrounds the bottom of the post preventing contact with the earth and eliminating rot. 2) we only use fixings that are suitable with pressure treated wood and outdoors avoiding corrosion. If your garden needs an injection of style a Pergola may be the answer for you.

  • Fully Customised Configuration
  • Transforms a garden
  • Creates a focal point within the garden
  • Fantastic space to relax or entertain in
  • Guaranteed to last
  • Adds a WOW factor to your outdoor living
  • No interruption to your family life during building
  • Again, WOW Factor!

Typical Onsite Completion Time 1-2 days

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